Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Mission Day

On Friday we celebrated Mission Day with our friends and our whanau.  On Mission Day we raised money for the orphans in India.  We are able to wear any clothes to school on Mission Day.  I wore a black dress, black shoes and a black jacket.  

First we went to church.  We sang and people read from the Bible.  Next we went to the new area of our school.  Then we sat down on the floor.  I saw Father Matthew and he blessed our new area. 

After Father Matthew blessed the new area we had a normal morning tea.  During morning tea time we waited for the bell to ring so that we could spend our money.  

I was so happy when the bell rang.  Ellma and I had an idea!  We shared our money so we went to eat popsicles.  Ellma's popsicle was traffic lights, and my popsicle was lemon flavoured.

Then I bought some candy from Sister Evalesi.  I saw my brother, he said, "Go to Room 7", because he wanted me to spend my money in his classroom.  So I did.  There was dancing, but I didn't play that activity.  Next I went outside.  I went to Room 8 because I wanted to have my face painted.  But there were lots of people so I went outside again and bought a drink.  

The bell rang and we went to Room 2 with Miss Craig and watched a movie.  The movie was called The Cat In A Hat.  While we watched the movie we bought and ate some popcorn.  It tasted good.  

After watching the movie we went to the new area to draw the raffles.  Cheska won the two balls and the buzzy bee on the first raffle.  She won everything on that raffle.  Next it was the raffle for Lego.  My friend Matthew wanted the Lego but he didn't get one.  So it was the next raffle and I had my fingers crossed for Ellma to win but it was not Ellma.  It was someone else.    

Then I saw my Mum and I said, "Hi" and she said that it was time to go home.  So I went to my Mum and said, "My favourite activity was the face painting even though I didn't have a chance to get my face painted.  Maybe next year I will get my face painted.  I love Mission Day because there are lots of things to do and to buy that will help the poor orphans India.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Going To The Museum

In the holidays I went to the museum with my family.  We went in our family car.  At the museum I saw a mummy and my mum said that it was real.  It was scary and I tried to wake it up.  Then we went to a house that was pretending to shake as if it was in an earthquake.  Then when the house finished shaking I said, "Well that was short".  Next we went to the shop.  I had a drink of sprite and it was great.  I also had some chips and they were good too.  

Then we went back to our house and we were very tired so I had a sleep. After sleeping I saw a rainbow when I opened the door.  The rainbow had every colour in it and it was cool.   I love the holidays.