Thursday, 23 March 2017

Friday Playtime

At playtime I watched Faith playing basketball.  I was with my friends Ellma and Lupe.  We cheered for the girls team.  We called out their names and we clapped and cheered when they scored a goal.  The girls got two shots and we yelled hooray.  The Year 8 girls are very good at basketball and we like watching them!  


During Lent I am going to be kind to other people.  For example I am going to help my friends and also other people. 
When someone falls down I will help them to get up.  Also when people are mean and having difficulty making the right choices I am going to stand up to them,  talk to them and suggest that they do the right thing. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Saint Patrick's Day

On Friday it was Saint Patrick's Day so it was our school's feast day.  We had a busy day.  First we went to church.  At church we knelt and prayed to God.  

When church was over we went back to school.  We played because it was morning tea time.  After morning tea we had games and activities.  First I went to Room 5L with my team. Room 5L is also called Room 6.  In Room 5L we made Irish book marks with Mrs Dines.  We coloured them in and decorated them.  

Then we went to the oak tree where Mrs Twomy was.  We played crab walk and spider walk, and we raced each other. Next we went to Room 1 where Miss Craig was.  At Room 1 we made, shaped and coloured aeroplanes for Irish Airways.  After that we went to Room 2 with Sister Evalesi.  At Room 2 we painted and made a rainbows and a bowl of gold.  Then we went to Miss Chao who was outside.  We played 'Steal the Emerald and the Gold".  We needed to steal the gold. 

Next we went to the tree and we all lined up in our teams and ate ice blocks.  It was yum.  After that it was lunchtime and we had lunch.  I ate pizza and then we played. Later it was home time.  At home we played the same games and activities that we had played at school.  It was a terrific day!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Weekend

On the weekend I played with my brother and my friend Tristan.  We played shark tag and Tristan was in.  Then everyone in our house went outside in the yard and my mum and dad played with us.  Tristan's mum and dad played with us too. I had fun!