Wednesday, 9 September 2020

The Cloak Of Dreams - By Angelina/Ellma 2020

L.I:We are learning to continue a story by and introduction by our teacher.

Our teacher created an introduction for a drama activity and we had to continue the story with our own imagination. 

The Cloak of Dreams

Once upon a time there was a young girl who found that her cloak of dreams had torn, she asked and interviewed others, she was furious since they were clueless and didn’t understand what she was talking about. The next day at school she kept thinking all day about who had torn her cloak of dreams. 

After school she wanted to interview one person, her bully,  Scarlet VonChesca. She asked her if she knew anything about her cloak of dreams since she has always been jealous of her and her cloak, since the young girl, Rose Holmes has been having good luck for the past 2 weeks. Since Scarlet was always talking about Rose’s cloak she would always try to talk her into selling it to her, which didn’t work since Rose’s cloak was a prized possession. 

Rose asked her a bunch of questions, one of the questions that caught Scarlet’s attention was “Why did you tear my cloak!?” she said in a furious voice. 

Scarlet said “I didn’t tear your cloak”, Rose didn’t believe her since she said it in a very nervous voice. 

When Rose went back home she noticed her torn cloak wasn’t in her dresser, she looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. The next day when she went to school her friend Victoria told Rose that Scarlet had been wearing her cloak of dreams, Rose was full of anger, but she needed proof that it was really her cloak. Rose went to Scarlet and was full of rage, Scarlet had been wearing a stitched up cloak that looked very much like Rose’s cloak and the same exact spot where the rip had been, but as she was about to approach Scarlet she noticed nearly everyone had the same exact cloak as her with the same place the rip had been. 

The End.

Letter To Lynley Dodd/Questions - By Angelina 2020

L.I:We are learning to locate important facts within an interview. 

This is a task about Lynley Dodd's interview. Our task was to write a letter and ask questions for Lynley Dodd. It was not that challenging to write a letter since I wrote some letters before.

Dear Lynley Dodd,

I love your books but I mostly love your book “Hairy Maclary”. But your other books are very nice and discovering. I also love your covers or your illustration because kids or any age might like the cover and look interesting to look at. Kids love pictures. 


 I think your books are fun and interesting to know and read, it keeps kids motivated to read and I think that is very nice since kids mostly use their devices. Your books give kids happiness!


I would love to know, do you have a place you liked to go when you were young?

Who supported you through your career?

Did anyone believe you when you were gonna be an illustrator or a writer?

When you first made your book were you proud of it?

Did you have a favorite book from your collection of books?

Were you able to pet some animals where you were born or was it dangerous?

Did you have a pet if you did, did you names it “Hairy Maclary”?

How did you get attached into writing?


Tuesday, 8 September 2020

My Ice cream poem - By Angelina 2020

Learning Intention: We are learning to create a poem about our favorite food.
I chose ice cream since it is my favorite food. I found this not challenging to me. Because my teacher wrote the sentence and told us we had to put our favorite food there, the only thing we had to do by ourselves were the rhymes and what food we enjoy.