Wednesday, 21 October 2020

5 Facts About Nepal In China - By Angelina and April

Learning Intention: We are learning to to present facts in NZ by creating a D.L.O about Nepal in China for our Zespri Young and Healthy.

5 Facts about Nepal in China

1. The Himalayas in Nepal were created by a huge collision

2. That caused the mountains in there country, there mountains are still growing, and they have the tallest. Even mount Everest. 

Symbols of the flag

3. The crimson red colour symbols bravery and also symbols the color of the rhododendron (Nepal’s natural flower).

4. The blue border is the color of peace.

5. The sun and the crescent moon had faces, but they were removed to modernize the flag.

6. Nepal has the 10th highest Mountains in our whole earth. (Source) (2nd Source) 

Edmund Hillary ( Extra )

Edmund Hillary visited the Nepal, and climbed mount Everest. He is thanked for many reasons, he helps building schools, hospitals, bridges, an airstrip, and so much more. The Nepal gave him there trust.


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