Thursday, 8 April 2021

Station Of The Cross 2021 - By Angelina

Station Of The Cross

On the first of April year 7 and year 8's had Stations of the Cross. Station of the cross is a story of Jesus who had to carry the cross and would go station by station. We do the station of the cross to remind us that Jesus had died for our sins and what he has been through. We would usually do this every year but covid-19 had got to us last year and the old room 8 and year 7's were not able to do it sadly. 

Our Teacher and Principal said that when the bell with the stick would ring, that was the time to change to our costumes and go to the hall. The Teachers told us to hide in this tiny closet because we had to walk in the hall last. We practised for 5 days, I got a bit goofy but kind of manged not to laugh. We got to practise with our costumes once, which was fun and all the boys and girls had to separate since we had to change so the boys went to the library and the girls went to room 8. We had to wear no shoes because the olden days were a bit poor and couldn't afford shoes.We picked a role so I decided to be the women of Jerusalem as well as Lupe, Deva and April. We were also the 8th station.

 After Jesus fell the 3rd time it was our station next and we didn't have to do anything except to act like we were crying and feeling sad. Me and my friend (April) had a trick that if we stared at the wall without trying to blink we would get teary and it worked a bit. After the reader (Aleenah and Ellma) had finished the reading we would wait for the line to go forward and we had go to the back of the line. Than we would sit a in a line and watch the last sixth station on the stage. We would walk out and when one of the readers would turn of the mic it was a sign that we had to leave. Our teacher had said that when you leave the hall you have to keep walking to class. So we did.

After the whole thing I felt relief and happy but before the act I felt nervous and butterflies in my tummy, it was like a roller coaster of emotions.  

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Class Treaty 2021 - By Angelina


Here is my 2021 Class Treaty. Since we have new classmates we need to be a great classmate for eachother, so we made lists and described what a great classmate is and what not a great classmate is. 

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Moscow/Russia - By Angelina and April

L.I: We are learning to create a D.L.O about Moscow in Russia for our Zespri Young and Healthy.

I enjoyed learning about Moscow, Moscow has a lot of beautiful places that would make me want to travel there. 

My next step is to be more creative and describe more about the place. 

We researched in Google and Wikipedia    

Thursday, 5 November 2020

DLO - Toyko/Japan - By Angelina


I got this information by Wikipedia  and Google - 

L.I: We are learning to make a DLO about Japan/Tokyo.
Today we were making a DLO about Japan/Tokyo for our Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure. 

I really enjoyed searching about Japan/Tokyo, so that I could learn more about there country/city/capital . My next step is to research more places and learn a lot about there culture. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

5 Facts About Nepal In China - By Angelina and April

Learning Intention: We are learning to to present facts in NZ by creating a D.L.O about Nepal in China for our Zespri Young and Healthy.

5 Facts about Nepal in China

1. The Himalayas in Nepal were created by a huge collision

2. That caused the mountains in there country, there mountains are still growing, and they have the tallest. Even mount Everest. 

Symbols of the flag

3. The crimson red colour symbols bravery and also symbols the color of the rhododendron (Nepal’s natural flower).

4. The blue border is the color of peace.

5. The sun and the crescent moon had faces, but they were removed to modernize the flag.

6. Nepal has the 10th highest Mountains in our whole earth. (Source) (2nd Source) 

Edmund Hillary ( Extra )

Edmund Hillary visited the Nepal, and climbed mount Everest. He is thanked for many reasons, he helps building schools, hospitals, bridges, an airstrip, and so much more. The Nepal gave him there trust.