Sunday, 29 November 2020

Moscow/Russia - By Angelina and April

L.I: We are learning to create a D.L.O about Moscow in Russia for our Zespri Young and Healthy.

I enjoyed learning about Moscow, Moscow has a lot of beautiful places that would make me want to travel there. 

My next step is to be more creative and describe more about the place. 

We researched in Google and Wikipedia    

Thursday, 5 November 2020

DLO - Toyko/Japan - By Angelina


I got this information by Wikipedia  and Google - 

L.I: We are learning to make a DLO about Japan/Tokyo.
Today we were making a DLO about Japan/Tokyo for our Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure. 

I really enjoyed searching about Japan/Tokyo, so that I could learn more about there country/city/capital . My next step is to research more places and learn a lot about there culture.