Thursday, 26 September 2019

Treasure - By Angelina

Treasure - By Angelina 
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Layla.  Layla lived with her brother because their
parents left them when they were young.They lived in a little town known as Town of Golden Friendship. 

Layla had a few friends because she never liked to talk to people, she was shy.
Layla  loved to find treasure. She tried to find treasure everywhere but never
got to find real gold or rubies but what is funny  is that she was really good

at finding lost things for other people.

Layla  now 25 years old and still felt excited about finding treasures.She travelled
from one country to another and she still did not find one. One day she received a call from the hospital.
“ Hello, is this  Layla ?”
“Yes” she replied. 
“ Your brother has cancer and has only 2 months to live” the other voice replied. 
Layla was really shocked and sad, her brother really meant alot to her so she decided
to go home the following day. As soon as she got to her town, she went to  the hospital.  

When she was at her brother’s room he told him
“ I love you please don’t leave me,” and her brother said
“ I am sorry I have to go but I will be by your side .” giving her a box. 
He said “remember this, better than gold more special than rubies
and keep it in your heart and don’t open it until your turn 35. 
Layla said “yes my dear brother I will”.

Two months after her brother died Layla continue to look for treasure. 
She left her town and when she got at the airport she wasn’t allowed to carry the box  because
the weight was more than what is allowed.
So she decided to go back home and buried the box her brother
gave her near the blossom tree in their garden. 
After a week she went to her flight and still remembered her box and
crying silently watching as the plane went up to the sky.

 She went to her town again after years ,she found her box near the blossom tree.
She dug it and  saw a little girl play near a blossomB tree and the girl went to her and said”
  What are you doing miss?”.  
Layla said “ I am digging a treasure” 
the girl said “ Can I help” And layla said 
“ Sure”
They dug together and they opened it, layla was surprised and shocked.
There was a picture of her parents and a necklace from her mother,father and brother and a
book about their lives. They were reading the book. little girl listened, After looking the little girl had to go and
lyla stood their and cried. After reading her family's story she wore the necklace and felt joy and happiness.
Layla took the picture and also got the book and put them in her bag.

Now she is 49 and she is now married and have a happy family. She still has a picture of her
mum and wore her necklace every  single day.
She would always talk to her brother,mum and dad. Layla is now a treasure finder and she travels
every country every 2 weeks.

The End!