Sunday, 10 September 2017

Father's Day

On Father's Day I baked a banana cake for my dad at my house.  I baked it with my brother Alizzandro  and my Mum, Wing.  While my Mum and my brother were baking I made a Father's Day card for my Dad.  

When my Mum looked at my card she said that my card was good and I said, "okay".  When I had finished making my Father's Day card I helped with baking the banana cake.  

First I put all of the ingredients listed in the recipe into the mixing bowl.  Then I mixed the ingredients and my brother helped me.  Next my Mum put the mixture into the cake time and then put it into the oven.  

Later my Dad looked at my card and he said, "I love your card so much Angelina, thank you".  My Dad gave me a hug.  My brother didn't have a Father's Day card but my Dad said that it was okay.  

Finally the banana cake was ready and my Mum took it out of the oven.  The cake was hot and it smelt of banana.  My Dad ate some of the cake and he said that it was delicious, and then we all ate some too.  It was the best Father's Day ever.  My Dad said, "I had the best day ever!"

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